The Process

Over time, based on our experience, we have learned that our clients need a process that can be both flexible and rigid. Flexible enough to allow for changing requirements, yet rigid enough to ensure that both cost and timeline goals can be met. This apparent dichotomy is not often easy to manage, but we have developed a methodology that creates the necessary balance.

In short, we combine current best practices with development methods that have been proven over time. The result is a process that incorporates what we feel are some of the best aspects of what is often referred to as the Iterative and Waterfall methods:

Transition from sales to operations

While the sales team is not generally considered part of the project management process, per se, their role in handing off a project to the operations team is critical to the success of any project. This is why we include this as a discrete step in the overall project process

Strategic alignment / project planning

This phase is the driving force behind the entire project. In a series of collaborative, face-to-face sessions, RACERSITES works to understand the overall business drivers and help drive a web site strategy that is aligned with the larger business strategy.


Once the requirements have been gathered, and the project plan approved, the RACERSITES staff begin work on a graphic design for the site. The design process is an iterative one - a process you must be actively engaged in to keep the project moving.

Functional Specification

The functional spec becomes the governing scope document for the remainder of the project. It not only serves as the blueprint from which the site can be built, it also serves as a checklist that can be used to test the site before launch.


Once the site design and the functional specification has been approved, it is handed over to the technical staff. The site is cut-up, content integrated, and any custom programming is coded.


We rigorously test your web site to ensure that all requirements set forth in the project plan have been met. It is not uncommon for us to engage you in this process as a training tool.


The success of our projects is based on a set of ground rules that help align strategic goals and objectives with the deliverables to ensure that the conclusion of the project exceeds expectations of everyone involved.


Adhere to our standards of design excellence in order to create the right look and feel from an aesthetic perspective.


Graphical User Interface (GUI) must be intuitive and drive loyalty and brand awareness.


Create internal intelligence by understanding marketing trends and user behavior, and subsequently applying that intelligence to create truly integrated solutions.


Maximize engagement of the target audience by encouraging them to positively interact with your brand.


Ensuring what we do is applicable to business objectives with a desired, measureable outcome.

Through our years of experience, these fundamentals have evolved and been honed to reach our most effective results.